Marriott says I'm Lifetime Platinum.  But they also suggest/say I'm not?

Discussion created by rick1441 on Nov 7, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 12, 2018 by martinr

I've been a Marriott Rewards member about 30 years.  For the past couple months, the website says I am Lifetime Platinum Elite.  I learned by Googling that, in my case, this apparently came to be because the points requirement (which I was far short of) was eliminated, leaving only years and nights requirements -- which I do meet.


There are multiple places on Marriott.com where I am listed as Lifetime Platinum Elite, both via the word Platinum + the infinity symbol, and also via the phrase Lifetime Platinum Elite.  I also have a September email form Marriott CS (in response to a question I asked) congratulating me on attaining Lifetime Platinum Elite status.


But I was (and remain) confused by the fact that in the "Nights Detail" section of my account it says  "X nights needed to renew Platinum Elite."  Why would I need *any* nights if I am Lifetime?  So I emailed CS to ask, expecting a reply stating something about how the website simply needs some revision, i.e. a technicality.  But instead the response I received today said that -- in addition to the nights and years requirements -- I would need to obtain a total of 2 million points to achieve Lifetime Platinum Elite.  So that's saying that I'm really *not* Lifetime Platinum (despite what the website says), and that a points requirement is back??  Heck, the Lifetime requirements are even listed on the website, and they show it as based solely on stays and years -- nothing re nights.


I am unable to reach anyone by phone after an hour of trying.  Any thoughts or similar experiences?  Thanks.