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Multiple Rooms- Should we use 2 different Marriott #'s?

Question asked by conshek on Nov 7, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 14, 2018 by pey

We are relatively new to Marriott rewards and have a question about multiple rooms.  Whenever we travel we have 2 rooms due to our family of 6.  I became aware (after having enough stays to become platinum elite) that we get the points for 2 rooms but not the night credits.  We are usually always together when we travel so we just use the rewards # for my husband and the Visa is under his name as well (which I have a card for too).  Is it better to book the 2 rooms under 2 different Marriott numbers (his and mine) so we get both night credits or since he is already a platinum elite should we just stay with putting everything under his number and just get the 1 night credit?  I have a Marriott # (gold status thru AMEX/SPG) but we try to load the points on my husbands card and didn't realize we didn't get both night credits till now.  What's the best method?