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My Marriott Rewards account was hacked...

Question asked by marriottsince80 on Nov 7, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 8, 2018 by marriottsince80

My Marriott rewards account was hacked and my points were transferred to a Cathay Pacific account.  I contacted Marriott Platinum Elite Rewards direct line the day the points were stolen from me  and the employee on the phone assured me that he would put in a work order, and restore my points within 1-2 days.  After 2 days I called again and was told that nothing had happened and that the employee should not have told me that 1-2 days it would be resolved, but that it will take a week. After a week and not hearing back from Marriott AT ALL, I called again. This person told me that it is in the system but no update or work order had been created. He put me ON HOLD FOR 20 MINUTES only to come back and say that nothing has been done and he will add some notes, but that something should happen within 48 hours!

Today, after 48 hours, I called again because NO ONE FROM MARRIOTT IS CONTACTING ME AFTER TWO WEEKS OF WAITING!!! And was told that still nothing has happened and it still has not been given a ticket number or set up to be worked on. Hello, does anyone work for Marriott in account security? Can anyone help me understand this process better? I had 240,000 points transferred to a Cathay Pacific account and nobody can seem to figure out how to contact Cathay Pacific security and find out the owner of the account?

I am pretty much done with Marriott after being a loyal member for decades only to have them treat me like this. You should be ashamed.

Can someone who has gone through this and knows better what I should be doing, please help me out.