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Couples Strategy for Marriott Rewards?

Question asked by pointsgal on Nov 5, 2018

My husband is LTPP, earned mostly through travel for work.  I'm not currently working but do travel occasionally, often using rewards points from his account, but without any of the platinum benefits when I'm on my own. The lack of companion benefits in the Marriott Rewards program has been discussed before and I agree with any and everyone who thinks Marriott could do a bit more than they do now as far as spouse/family benefit and companion travel.  But moving on from that discussion, what's the best strategy for the spouse to earn Marriott Rewards benefits of their own if he/she is not the main traveler?  


I've opened a Marriott card account in my own name with my husband as an additional cardholder. So when he travels he will still get the stay points, but I'll get the Marriott spend points for his stay.  Do any of you have any other couples strategies to help the spouse earn some status of their own? Or is it better for me to earn status with a different hotel chain and diversify a little?