Why is Marriot Customer Service So Bad now?

Discussion created by mrod423 on Nov 3, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 1, 2018 by kella.kantor

I am a Premier Platinum Member and I am treated so poorly over and over again I don't know why I am loyal to them anymore.  It does seem like ever since the merger the bad service began.  The Marriott website is difficult to use and buggy and almost always down.  Try to easily find a way to contact them via email or buy points?  It is impossible.  I tried calling to book a special trip for my birthday this week and was told the hotels I wanted were booked.  The person on the phone was really rude.  One of my benefits is supposed to be a guaranteed room if I book 48 hrs in advance.  I was told well "not if the hotel is full" What???  why else would I need a guaranteed room if the hotel was not full??  Apparently they don't hold rooms for their best customers.  Thought this was a fluke and called  again.  Another rude clueless person.  I had another reservation they told me to buy points for to complete and I had already done that the day earlier.  They said I had to do it again because they did not show them so I did.  Of course the next day was charged for 2 orders of points and now they say they cant refund points purchases even though they had me duplicate the order.  I mean it's poor service over and over again.  I have finally found a complaint email address which I sent a note to last week...of course heard if Elite Members are treated this way how is a normal guest treated?  Wow I would hate to know...I love the properties but the poor service for the amount of money I spend with them is friends with Hilton receive amazing service at this level...really disappointed.