Let's make Marriott experience "customer centric"

Discussion created by mkdan on Nov 3, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 11, 2018 by maewest44

I am sure Marriott is trying hard to become a customer centric company. One has to assume that based on it's investments across technology & channels that it wants to provide its customer with omni channel experience. All these efforts are in vain, if they invest in these channels but are not actually "listening" to the customer and there by effecting change within. I am sure quite a few of you can relate to your own experience that there has been quite a bit of issues & bugs post merger that is impacting the customer directly. 


I have started this Customer Issues Tracker - Post Merger to track all issues related to merger in one place in the hope it makes it easy for Marriott to listen to the community and to react to fixing issues quickly. 


Please vote if you like the idea and contribute to the above document. It is open and should be editable by the community. Please only put valid issues and those that impact most/all.