Missing Folio(s). Pls report if you have my folio.

Discussion created by mkdan on Nov 2, 2018
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As a lifetime Gold Elite member (20 years customer) who is usually familiar with Marriott's checkout process & their emailing of folio(s), I thought I would share this recent frustrating experience to entertain discussion, guidance & sharing of similar experience. I had 2 stays last week @ Le Meridian & Westin hotels at Charlotte respectively. Upon checkout, as usual I was told your folio has been sent to your email on file! I thanked and left.


Then 2 days, later was curious why the folio email(s) were still not there. Checked spam/all email folders etc to ensure I indeed never received it. Hesitant, to pick the phone and call, I waited for the activity to be posted online. Fast fwd, end of the week today, I tried to finish my expense reports and went online to download - the activities and points were posted along with download link for folio. But when I clicked on the link, it reverts me back to same page. So having no folio I decided to call the Marriott gold line. I post the results of the call and subsequent activity/status here:


- After explaining the situation was put on hold, after about an hour I received an email which looked like a fax copy of the hotel folio for one of the stays on my email

- I continue to stay on hold for a total of 1hr 49 minutes - the rep comes back and hangs up the call . I still do not have the folio for the other stay. Nor have I received a call back to explain the hang-up whether it was accidental - given that I have to assume it was intended. 

- I decide I am not going to call again for this or stay on hold any longer and have chosen the online route (as email, self-service and call center has not worked). I have submitted a customer support form and awaiting resolution. I've also direct messaged community mgr.


I do expect goodwill adjustments or some other compensation for wasting my time, causing unnecessary frustration & delay in filing my expenses. This is not way to treat even a guest member as the issue at hand is very basic and fundamental right to receive list of charges made by any business.


I have a future stay at the same hotel next week. Based on how Marriott resolves this, I plan to direct my future business stays accordingly.


As lifetime status holder your only motivation to continue business is how you are taken care of when you run into an issue or ask help -- In my case, it is not a fringe request like asking for an upgraded suite or late checkout etc.

It cannot get any basic than this! "I just need my folio in a timely fashion and prefer to be left alone -- not having to beg people for it or call many times!". I have never been late with my expense reports and do not plan to be. 


Please share your honest thoughts, ideas, experiences... I'll post an update with my experience on a daily basis.