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How do I get incorrect elite year totals fixed (calling left me more confused)?

Question asked by homeiswherethemarriottis on Nov 2, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 6, 2018 by homeiswherethemarriottis

Sorry if this is in the wrong place -- first time posting.


My lifetime years has shown on the app have been wrong since the transition.  Originally it only showed one year (I guess the current one) of elite status, though I've had at least 25 nights the last six years and 50 nights most of those years.  After merging in my SPG account, it picked up a couple of years from that one.


I called MR today since it's been a few months.  The rep said

a.) She could see 6 gold years from MR on her side so don't worry about not seeing them in the app.

b.) Yes I should already have lifetime silver (have enough nights) but it won't show anywhere (app or website) since I have Platinum in the current year which is higher.

c.) The years I had as a Marriott gold in the old program (50+ nights) don't count toward the "new" lifetime platinum years because they were "under the terms of the old program where gold was 50 nights and platinum was 75".


Based on what I've read, (c) is not the way the transition is supposed to work, and (a) and (b) just don't seem very satisfying -- not her fault, but still not very satisfying.


To be clear, I'm not worried about getting lifetime status under the old program, just getting credit for all of my previous years for the new program.


Thanks in advance for anyone who has insights on these points, and whether and how to get things right, especially if anyone else has experienced this problem.