What would you do if you find this on your hotel bedding?

Discussion created by halfwayaroundtheworld on Nov 2, 2018
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Hello everyone,
I am curious, what  would you do  if you find a clump of hair on your supposedly freshly washed hotel blanket? And what do you consider an acceptable action/ response from the hotel when you report this problem to them? We stayed at a beachfront all suites  hotel in September. After a fun day at the beach we came back to our room at night and started to set up the sofa bed for our children. We got the blankets and pillows out of their bag that was stored  inside the closet, and later on found this clump of hair on the blanket (pictures attached). It is very off putting. We were too tired that night to report this. We took some pictures, and our kids ended up sharing the extra  blanket we brought from home. 
The next day, after requesting a 4 pm late check out , I also reported this and showed the photos to the lady at the front desk. She basically tried to convince me that they did wash the blanket and ask me to forward the photo to the housekeeping manager email address, which I did. I expected to at least get an apology, be it in the form of email or spoken words. But got none. So I’m curious of what you think. Am I being one of those hard to please customer who is expecting too much? Is finding a clump of hair on your hotel bedding is just a daily occurrence that is somehow expected nowadays ? No big deal? I travel extensively and am a platinum premier  and a lifetime gold member. As far as I can recall, I have only experience something like this once. It was a lower tier Hilton brand hotel and they were very  apologetic and went out of their way to make it right. Am I wrong to expect a better treatment and hygiene from a hotel that cost 50k Marriott reward points/ $300-900 per night?