BRG/LNF cancellation update

Discussion created by platlife on Nov 1, 2018
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Couldn't locate a proper place to put this so started a new thread...apologies if there was a better place.  I can delete this and paste elsewhere if so.


In the past Marriott LNF rates were always cancelable online.  With SPG and BRG that was not the case.  One had to always call SPG then be transferred over to the BRG department.


As of two days ago this was still the case as I wanted to cancel a Sheraton BRG.  Woman was extremely rude surprisingly even asking why I wanted to cancel in a harsh tone!  Does it really matter??  Told her the reason (duplicate reservation as I had submitted and received approval for same property with extra day).  She emailed property who responded 48 hours later they received a request about my reservation but didn't know what for!  Ugh!  I've since responded with my cancellation request but the run-around process is ridiculous---especially for an SPG program that is touted as being so efficient!....haha coudn't resist :-)


Anyways to my surprise I just checked and the Sheraton reservation which is now viewable in my Marriott account is cancelable ONLINE!  (new one with extra day)   Although I don't dare trying to use it as I want to keep this reservation I can assume the link would work since it is there to do so.  It's shows as cancelable on both Marriott and SPG apps.


Happy that SPG was able to modify their BRG program into LNF and enable all to cancel without having to jump through hoops.


***Also I noticed the Sheraton reservation gave me the option for using SNA (on both apps)