FYI - T&Cs for reservations moving from SPG to MI reservations

Discussion created by cmnath on Oct 31, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 1, 2018 by iahflyr

As the migration of SPG properties continues, my Sheraton stays that are booked for December migrated over to the Marriott system last night.  I wanted to give you all a heads up to be careful if you have reservations booked that have cancellation dates/T&Cs on the SPG site, because they may change when they migrate between systems.


I had late December reservations that had a cancellation date of early December that immediately were past the grace period for cancellations (60 days prior to check-in). 


Fortunately nothing moved for me that I plan to cancel, but check those cancellation dates before you cancel something that has migrated over.  I had a couple reservations as I was trying to book redemption travel and availability was changing, so fortunately over the weekend I had cancelled all the reservations I didn't think I need any longer!


Also a curiosity as I almost re-booked the stay because the elite line couldn't get my SNA request to populate today.  The stay was calculating higher in fees by $50/night on the Marriott site than the SPG site, because I had a child on the reservation (under 17) which hadn't incurred a charge on the SPG site - might be something else to watch for.