LTG -> LTP Legacy Requirements

Discussion created by amsterdam on Oct 31, 2018
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Greetings all,


I hope everyone is well. Looking for an answer, ideally from one of the community managers, as I've spent literally hours on the phone trying to get clarification. With direction from the Marriott phone agents as to how close I was, I went and added stays, spend, transferred points, and an upgraded credit card since August to shoot for LEGACY LIFETIME GOLD (and thus new LTP) before the end of year.


My lifetime totals are now:

Nights: 558

Points: 1.62 Million


I'm been assured verbally by 3 agents including a CS supervisor that I have met all the requirements for LEGACY LIFETIME GOLD, and will be mapped to LIFETIME PLATINUM in January (new program). I have an email stating this as well. I thought I had this all settled, then I read comments from Marriott that again contradict this, stating LEGACY LT GOLDS after August will NOT be mapped to New Lifetime Platinum. This seems to make zero sense to me, as old gold is the new platinum... but its out there.


Can anyone from Marriott clarify? Did I go through all that trouble just to keep (new) Lifetime Gold, which I already had under the new program as soon as the account was merged?