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Probelm with transfering marriott points to Multiplus airlines partner

Question asked by rachelelise on Oct 30, 2018

LAN  a partner of Marriott recently transferred their frequent flyer program to Multiplus which is also a partner of Marriotts. The existing interface that Marriott has to transfer points was set up to work with Multiplus when the only participants were Brazilian citizens whose account number is their national id number consisting of 11 digits. The LAN account numbers which were ported over have 10 digits and the interface simply says its a wrong number. I have spoken to multiplus about this so that's how I figured this all out. I have spoken to numerous Marriott associates who are unable to do anything about this and they also indicate they don't know whom to pass this along to. I have numerous cases set up but after one month I still have nothing and cant use my points to get to easter island. I am at a loss as to what to do - I was hoping this might be seen by someone in the forum who can suggest something including some contact info for some senior person who might care that their awards program is not working right in this case.