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Where do I go from here?

Question asked by scleaver on Nov 2, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 2, 2018 by fistuk

Checked into renaissance, and was not offered any elite benefits that a platinum would get. When asked, the staff asked me if I was sure that I am a platinum. Showed them everything, and the property said they need to call MR to verify. The staff gave me the keys, and was informed I got upgraded to suites. Keys did not work, and went back to the check in desk to get it resolved, at this point I was rushing for a concall, and informed them I don’t need an upgrade, just give me a functional room for whatever I had paid. The staff informed me, that I must take the upgraded room as it was prepared since last night, this got me thinking, it’s not possible the room was prepared in advance when I just made the reservation at 8am. Got to the room, it was just one of the worst hotel room, and I informed the staff that I’d be willing to pay the differences to change room. I was told off, saying that they are fully occupied and there’s no room. I asked if she is certain that there’s no room, as I am able to view availability. I was informed apparently there’s a room and I can change and as a gesture of goodwill, I can move for free. I reiterated that I can pay for the changes. Before collecting the keys, I called MR to double check my status and asked if anyone called. Turns out no one called and I am platinum. MR called renaissance and I was place on hold. Upon returning MR told me there’s a system glitch earlier, hence, they are sorry.  


Now my question is, who do I go to for compensation of the guaranteed welcome benefits? Hotel is saying MR, MR saying system glitch. Which is not acceptable for me. Where do I go?