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Discussion created by martinr on Oct 31, 2018
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Well, this was an interesting question this morning.  Today's brand is Design Hotels and one of the questions was about the Papaya Playa Spa at Tulum.  Here was one of the questions.  Do you suppose Spirituality is the answer?



Well, as I searched for the answer I found cosmo-vision referenced as follows (emphasis is mine):


The Sensorial Spa “Chak Ek” at Papaya Playa Project is based on a cosmo-vision concept which joins together holistic, therapeutic & medicinal properties by stimulating the senses, thereby evoking an overall spiritual wellbeing and conveying emotional support, affection and respect.




Nowhere, nowhere, on any site relevant to Papaya Playa Spa, did I find Spirituality mentioned.  Not even on the Papaya Playa Project website itself.


So I answered "Cosmovision".  


Well, that turned out to be WRONG!!!!  The answer is Spirituality!  I guess the fact that Spirituality appears twice as a possible answer is the clue.  ya think?


 ps.  No points awarded today.  I suppose the reason was my incorrect answer.