Brightlybob for insider of the year.

Discussion created by pey on Oct 30, 2018
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We just got back from our fall Europe trip. Seven days in England and 5 in France. There are always lots to do and lots to see and quiet times just to have a moment in a pub with a pint of bitter or a café having one of those one ounce little demi cups of coffee for about 5 euros (priceless). We saw all of the usual stuff in both cities, went to the shows and ventured outside a bit.


I have to say though that the highlight of my trip was BBob came all the way down from Manchester to toast our trip. We had a nice time in the Chambers Club at the St. Pancras where we talked Marriott, politics and life in general.


Think about it, he has done two tipples in the states at his expense, and also met at least two others last year on their trips into London. I am voting BBob insider of the year. Not that there is one any more, but my vote is to him anyway.


Thank you for welcoming us to the UK and you were more entertaining than many of the shows on the west end.


Three cheers for Bbob.