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Billed for incorrect stay.  No help from Manager.  Now what?

Question asked by otj287 on Oct 30, 2018
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I've been having an issue with a recent stay resolved.  I reached out to the hotel directly and received no call back from the manager.  I tried sending a message here via the "contact support" only to find that after my lengthy explanation of what happened, I get a "Sorry, the system is having trouble - please send a direct message to a community manager".  So, I sent a message to a community manager and no response.  It really shouldn't be this hard.

Long story short - I had a reservation for 10/25-27, I go to check in, the hotel can't find my reservation and says my reservation is 10/23-25.  Nope.  Show them my email and even my app and verify the confirmation number.  All show 10/25-27 on my side and from the email I got.  Guy at the counter can't figure it out but he says he'll manually check me in for the 10/25-27 and he'll void the first one.  Thanked me for being a platinum elite, says he doesn't know what happened and apologized for the delay.  No issue.. or so I thought.


Checking my finances and I notice that now I'm billed twice.  I've now called the hotel twice, told the manager would straighten it out and call me back.  Nothing.  I've emailed here, now what?  I'm happy to dispute the charge with the credit card company but had hoped this would've been resolved easily.  


Always enjoyed staying at this property when in town, but clearly my loyalty belongs elsewhere.