Is the bed type really that important to you?

Discussion created by gatorlitigator on Oct 30, 2018
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I've been trying to look into the possibility of going to Dubrovnik in February, and, as we would be taking the children, assumed I would need two connecting rooms unless a large suite happened to make monetary sense.  I saw that the only Marriott hotel there is a Sheraton and started playing around with dates.  It doesn't seem to have any availability anytime in February (though I didn't try every single day).  I started to question if this is a seasonal hotel and picked random dates and stumbled upon availability on a Sunday night in November.  However, getting two twin beds for the children's room looks like it would come with a percentage markup somewhere in the high seven digits (at least I save 500K Euros with the member rate).

However, if you notice the banner is blue not purple and I hope that the rate nonsense and the lack of availability in February is simply a function of them being mid-switchover from SPG platform to Marriott platform.  Who knows.  Maybe they have to load availability day-by-day.

Anyway, so on to my actual question: Does anyone have familiarity with this hotel, any thoughts?