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Marriott's "Best" Customer(s)?

Question asked by ssindc on Oct 28, 2018
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Sorry if I've missed it, but has Marriott (or the travel media) ever identified or outed Marriott's best customer?


Now that the post-merger world has more injected more transparency in the Ambassador program - leaving no doubt that Marriott's best customers - the most appreciated folks - the ones who will earn and receive the best of everything - are the big spenders.  We now know that butts in the bed or artificial nights are not the coin of the realm - it's all about spend (at least $20,000 per year) - the folks who drop big money (rather than the most frequent budget travelers) are the truly elite Marriott customers.


In an interesting (but disappointing) note, see this evolving thread:  Ambassador Assignment (and lack of...)   All I can say on this is that (as I note below), at least on United, these designations (uber-elite) categories have the potential to make a real difference...


Marriott appears to have been a few years behind United in taking a similar step.  (For years, it seemed - at least it seemed to me - like Marriott focused (almost) exclusively on points and nights - and nights included everything - butts in the bed, charge card usage, rollover nights, etc...)  My experience with United was that this really makes a difference - in terms of status and perks - for cost-conscious travelers...  Since United made the change, although I've accumulated 100,000+ miles per years, my spend rate hasn't always met the threshold to earn me United's 1K status (in other words, in 2017, even with 100,000+ miles, I remained stuck at Platinum, where the perks are much less attractive)...  And don't even get me started on United's biggest spenders - their Global Services customers - the folks who buy premium tickets and - to my mind - accordingly deserve the very best of service from United. (Rumor has it that you probably need $75,000 or more in annual spend to qualify for Global Services, but it's discretionary, so there's no hard numbers.)


Anyway, doing a little research on this topic today, I found this profile of United's best customer - remarkable stuff.  UA 18 Million Miler Talks About His '500 to 600' 747 Flights  -  I feel like I travel/fly a lot on United (I'm on track for 125k+ miles this year), but United's "best customer," well, that's another story. (Note, it's not just a LOT of flying - the guys figures he spends half his life on an airplane - but he's always in the front of the plane, sitting in the most expensive seats.) 


Which brings me back to where I started:  has Marriott (or the travel media) ever identified or outed Marriott's best customer?