Experience booking thru ""?

Discussion created by siliconvalleyplat on Oct 27, 2018

Have frequently seen link at the bottom of the Marriott webpage in the For Guests section next to the Best Rate Guarantee  and Marriott Insider links.


What is unusual about this booking site is that guests also earn their "hotel loyalty points and perks" from the chain they reserve with.   From my cursory review, the site it doesn't look to have better rates than on the Marriott site.   If their rate was lower, wouldn't it still be more beneficial to book through the Marriott site and use the Best Rate Guarantee process to maximize on a lower rate found on other sites.


Is  the main benefit the ability to compare member rates of multiple chains for a specific destination while still earning loyalty benefits?  If you book through this site, is it identical to booking  on the Marriott site, such as all elite benefits: at check in, during your stay, points and elite night stay credits to your account, cancellation policy (when not booking prepaid rates)? Can the front desk distinguish that you didn't book through the Marriott website?


Just curious if there are many Insiders who use this site, if so can you share your experience?  What is the advantage of using this site?  Still trying to figure out when booking through this website would be beneficial.

Thanks in advance for sharing.