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Does ultimate reservation guarantee apply to hotels leaving Marriott

Question asked by chillytraveler on Oct 26, 2018

We have a confirmed Marriott award reservation for China Hotel in Nov. Last week we got an email from the hotel stating that since they are leaving marriott after Oct 31, our award reservation would Marriott Reward Point will " no longer applicable as before in China Hotel, Guangzhou."
Our choices were:
"[ 1 ] Relocate your booking to the Four Points or Aloft in the city, or 
[ 2 ] You choose to book another Marriott hotel in the city in your own arrangement."


Four Points is super fara way, and Aloft is sold out. So I called Marriott Rewards to see if they can accommodate us in a more central Marriott location (they would cost more points than China hotel, so cancelling and rebooking is not an option for me). After 2+hours on the phone with 4 different agents, I was finally told that it is Marriott's policy that China hotel has to honor our reservation. I asked the agent to email me a confirmation so I have something in my hand in case China hotel refuses to check us in, she agreed but never sent me an email. 


IF we are being walked, would Marriott's ultimate reservation guarantee apply in this case? Which Category would appy to China hotel, A Marriott Hotel if this applies?