Chasing the Local Bonus...Same Old Same Old

Discussion created by painedplatinum on Oct 24, 2018
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"The merger is done..the merger is done..long live the king!!!!"


or something like that...…...


We had a nice thread going pre merger concerning local bonus points for stays being offered by individual hotels. The gist of the issue is these points don't often post without a full frontal attack by the paying customer. Well, Arne will be glad to know that nothing has changed. 


I stayed at a SpringHill Suites near Pittsburgh last week and the stay posted, but no bonus points. They offered, and still offer, a local promo of 2000 points per night. I booked the rate and alas, no follow up on the points by the hotel. I called customer service and they checked with the hotel . The hotel responded that they needed the name of the person I spoke with at the hotel about this special rate, because they don't offer such a rate.... IT'S STILL AVAILABLE ON MARRIOTT.COM!! Of course you offer such a rate!!!


Come on, Man!!!!