Ultimate Reservation Guarantee Compensation

Discussion created by michael.ferry on Oct 24, 2018
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This is the first time that I have had this experience in over 10 years but I got bumped from a Fairfield Inn to a Courtyard due to water damage at the Fairfield Inn.  I was offered to have my first night paid for at the Couryard.  When checking in at the Courtyard, the front desk attendant told me that I was due additional compensation from the Fairfield Inn.  So, when I called the Fairfield Inn, they offered me 2000 points.  But I told them that the guarantee is for 90000 pts plus a $100 check.  They said that definitely was not the policy.  Called the rewards desk and they said they were not aware of this compensation and I read them verbatim the compensation guarantee.  (there is no wiggle room in the verbage)  And she said you are right and called the Fairfield Inn for me directly.  It took a few weeks but I did receive the 90000 points into my account and a $100 check in the mail.  Wow!  That is quite a compensation so if  ever - for any reason - a Marriott hotel cannot honor your reservation - make sure you fight for this.  Hotels and the rewards desk are not aware of it but it is well worth the extra effort to get this compensation.