Subscribed to westinvacationclub with no way off of list...

Discussion created by robertjpetersen on Oct 24, 2018

So, this is annoying as all get out. I just got an email from the westinvacationclub/vistana and they tell me I am 'subscribed'. But I am not and should not be unless marriott provided my contact information to them.


The does not appear as if I can unsubscribe. No matter what browser I use or means of getting there I cannot edit my communication preferences. I I follow the link in the email I get a blank page. If I manually try to update my communication preferences I get a blank pop up. This happens on both chrome and on IE.


I don't subscribe to any emails through marriott so this is clearly something they have signed me up for as part of the Starwood merger without asking me to opt in.  And all I want to do now is opt-out.  Arrrgghh.


The email from westinvacation club


what is see when logged into and attempting to edit my communication preferences

what is see when I follow the link in the email to unsubscribe