Boston - The Liberty trip report

Discussion created by nipper on Oct 23, 2018
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So I spent last weekend with Mrs Nipper in Boston.  We cashed points in for the Liberty which is a former SPG property. The Liberty is an interesting hotel, it is built in an old jail.  They play on this fact, with the restaurant being named Clink. 


We used my SNAs for 3 nights in the Charles suite, which is the smaller of the 2 suites (though still quite nice). 


The room has great southwestern views of the Charles river. It has a  large sitting room with a 2nd bathroom.  The BR is quite large and plenty of room to spread.  The main bath is quite large, with a shower and soaking tub. 


My biggest gripe about the property is the internet requires login every day, cannot say I am here for 3 days and avoid the login screen.  With 7 devices between the three of us (ok that is quite excessive) it's a pain. 


It is close to Cheers (for those who remember): 


Close to Cheers  (for those who remember)


Sitting Room overlooking Cambridge:


Sitting room


Bathroom (there was a sailboat race on Saturday): 




Main bathroom was quite nice: