Ambassador status or SNA's?

Discussion created by pieter-jan on Oct 22, 2018
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Hey everyone,


I currently stayed 87 nights with Marriott and have around 19.500$ spend. This means I'm pretty close to hit Ambassador status but probably won't reach the 100 nights target with my planned travel. I think I'll end up somewhere between 90 and 95 nights. 


I still need to chose both of my choice benefits. I was planning to go for the SNA's, but I could also take the elite night credits to get me to Ambassador level... 


I was wondering what you would pick. I'll probably travel less in 2019, so Ambassador status might not be that useful for me. On the other hand I'm hoping there might still be a soft landing and that I get an extra year as Platinum Premier when I don't reach the 75/100 nights targets ?


Thanks in advance for your advice!