Member Exclusive Deals and Packages featuring Bonus Points

Discussion created by thetradition on Oct 21, 2018
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I'm a Gold Member getting ready to turn Platinum, and I recently discovered the value of exploring the "Deals and Packages" tab when browsing for hotels on the website.   Usually it's some sort of useless "Travel Package" or something like that, but I've recently noticed a lot of great "Bonus Points" deals.


Last week, I stayed at SH with a 3,000 extra points deal; a CY for 1,000 points, another SH giving 2,000 points, and a FF giving 2,000 points.  That should have been a total of 8,000 bonus points for the week-long trip!  Whoo-hoo, right?


Well, not exactly.


As my stays started populating on my Activity page, none of the bonus points are showing up!  I called the first hotel and they say to call Marriott Rewards.  I called them on Friday night and they have to send an email to the property and tell them to post the bonus points.  Expect 3-7 days for the correction to be made and if it doesn't happen, call back.




I wonder how many people book these deals and don't notice they're not getting what they paid for????


And I wonder how much more work I'll have to do to get the points that were promised?


Be on the lookout for this, Marriott Rewards members....