Hotel Review -- Fairfield Inn, Wausau, WI

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I checked in on Sunday evening, 10/14, for a three-day stay for a conference, using the applicable government rate. I had used mobile check-in two-days prior when it popped up on my phone. I neglected to ask at the front desk as tno whether there were any upgrades available. I should have done so right away. But I didn't. 

From the evacuation chart on my room door (which seems drawn to scale) I got the smallest room in the hotel.

3rd floor evacuation chart

Yes, I'm the RED Dot.

That square next to my room is an electrical closet, and when you open the door to the room you walk down this long corridor past the bathroom to enter the room.


hallway into the room

The room itself was fine, but nothing exceptional, and a bit cramped


king-bed roomking bed room-view two


There was a refrigerator, but no microwave. The coffee pot was in the bathroom, but surprisingly, no coffee. I went back down to the front desk to ask if there should be coffee with the coffee pot and the clerk asked me, "You mean there isn't any there?" (as though I was making it up). They nicely provided me with three packs of coffee. But then I had to come back down again, because the box of facial tissue in the bathroom had exactly ONE tissue. Clearly, housekeeping was not on the ball the day they cleaned and prepped my room.


Breakfast was reasonably decent. Not a brightlybob special, but a varied buffet of eggs, sausage or bacon, fruit, cereal, waffles, pastries--the usual Fairfield Inn spread. They did have a microwave in the breakfast area which I appreciated. It's always nice for this Wisconsin native to be able to melt cheese on his eggs!


A nice touch was that the room had real glasses and real coffee mugs! A pleasant change of pace from the place and paper that one usually finds. 


I chose "Go Green" for my room. There was no door hanger about it, just a little business card size ask in the folder with my keys. I double checked to make sure I was on the list, and the clerk pulled out a three-ring binder with a chart in it. The same thing happened when I checked out. The desk clerk then told me that they post the "Go Green" points on Mondays, so I shouldn't expect to see those until next week. Sound like a strange way to handle that.  I would think it would be automated in the system, but apparently it isn't. I wonder if this is part of some Marriott properties catching up to SPG on the Go Green/Green Choice process. Anyway, I'm hoping to see those points by Tuesday, 10/23. I'll pist a follow-up here when they show up.


Not a bad hotel, but they could have done a little better by a Plat Premier.