Platinum Welcome Gift - Not so personal these days !

Discussion created by mgcandfnc on Oct 20, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 22, 2018 by jere5iah

With the recent merger of MR, SHG & RC -- it seems that all properties in the UK have adopted the US Platinum Welcome/Arrival gift of either 1000 MR or a US$10 credit to your stay charges.  While I can understand this from a "treat everyone equally" standpoint -- there was something more personal with the old system of being offered to select from a small list of welcome amenities -- eg Beverage & Snack.  Perhaps Marriott should consider sourcing a small selection of "welcome gifts" that are standardised across their properties -- eg Jar of Candy, Jar of Nuts, plus a Beverage option.


Somehow 1000 points for a MR member with a balance of over 1 million points doesn't really give a great deal of excitement.


Food for thought Marriott management ??