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Item missing from room

Question asked by pte412 on Oct 18, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 19, 2018 by idt

I recently stayed at the Aloft Dublin-Pleasanton in California, and an item went missing from my room. Not to get into details, but it was moderately insignificant (an article of clothing), and I sincerely hope it was mistakenly taken by housekeeping. But I don't know, because the front desk staff was extremely unhelpful, and honestly didn't seem to care. The first individual I contacted told me that "the housekeeping manager left for the day," and they'd check lost-and-found the following day. Even when I explained that I was checking out early the next morning, he didn't seem to care.


I followed up the next morning with a new person at the front desk (in person), and he went back to check the lost and found. After explaining that the item wasn't left in my room after a previous stay, and didn't know why it would've been in lost and found, he said he could email his manager who wasn't in yet. I suggested he call the manager, and he said "I understand." When I checked out, he said that his manager "still hadn't emailed back."


My first instinct is to call the police, though that seems like a waste of resources for this particular incident. However, it shouldn't matter if it was a $5 item or a $500 item, you'd think the staff would take anything missing as a serious matter. Even if it was an accident (which I do hope it was), at least attempting a resolution should be a top priority. Instead, they let me check out with nothing more than a shrug of the shoulders.


How do I escalate this? I clearly have no faith in the operators of the property, and my previous experiences with Marriott customer service have been lackluster. Has anyone else experienced this? Any suggestions? Thanks so much.