Pre-merger SPG points lost in transfer, no assistance from Marriott

Discussion created by mrsdevo on Oct 18, 2018
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Attempting to get feedback from the Marriott community. On Aug. 16 I transferred SPG points into the Korean Air program, thinking, get it done before the merger changes. The points were deducted from my SPG (now Marriott) act. and show in the activity, but never arrived into my Korean Air act. Now two months later, several calls into Marriott, 1 escalation, research requests and 3-4 emails, all unanswered to date, we have no update on our account. In my opinion, its a form of theft and at a minimum, a form of negligence to just not respond and allow a problem to exist for 60 days. Not without consequences, the seat Korean Air was holding for me is now gone and we will now pay change fees to correct our vacation plans made around this booking. Ill take any reasonable update and really do not want to wait on hold again to talk to a Marriott staff member with 4 weeks of experience. It is not an issue they are equipped to act on we feel bad for circumstances Marriott puts them under all to earn a few dollars. 


I am so tired of being told, from any firm, that a systematic transfer of anything may take X amount of business days. Meanwhile you can route a stock purchase via your phone to purchase a security and will have it executed in 2 seconds and have a confirm in your email. Second, for Marriott staff to just keep saying "The merger did not go well" is just not acceptable. I'd love to see the project management team get walked out the door and more capable individuals get a shot at making it right.