Chase Marriott Visa (Old) & Earning 5 x on Marriott Moments?

Discussion created by engineer459 on Oct 17, 2018
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Hello Everyone,


Over the past months I booked 7 excursions through the Marriott Moments website.  These have all been completed and are listed on my Oct statement.  Since these were charged to my Chase Marriott Visa as Marriott my assumption was that I would earn 5 x points for each of these charges.  I just called Chase and they said no because these were not Marriott hotel stays.  They said that Marriott classified them as newspapers & magazines.  Does anyone have any experience with this or where I can find something in writing?  The 5 x points will get me another 5,000 points.


BTW - Just by booking these excursions I earned about 11,000 bonus MR points.  Most of these were managed by Viator and the price was the same.