Marriott Rewards Premier Plus... Second Offer

Discussion created by betterdays on Oct 16, 2018
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A curious thing happened tonight that got me to wondering.  When the Marriott Rewards Premier Plus credit card was introduced, those of us holding the original Marriott Rewards Premier credit card were offered points to upgrade.  I remember reading reports of folks being offered anywhere from 10K points to 50K points to make the switch.  I know this was enough incentive for many to make the switch, however I chose to keep the card without taking the upgrade.


My upgrade offer at that time was 10K, and I wasn't really interested in paying $10/year more for the annual fee.  Sure.  My annual free night certificate is good for a stay of 25K points or less and the upgraded card offers an annual free night certificate that works for a stay of 35K points or less.  I felt it was worth the savings to stay put. 


However, tonight has me reconsidering that decision.  Why?  I just received an email that says I can upgrade for 50K points.  I'm wondering what other Insiders think about this.  In particular, I'm wondering about other members who didn't upgrade their Marriott Rewards Premier to the Plus version. 


Did you receive a second offer too, and if so, what was it?