Rewards Lifetime Gold WILL NOT map to loyalty Lifetime Platinum after Aug 18th!

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UPDATE 10/18/18:  I have received a response from the insiders communitymanagers clearly stating folks who meet legacy Marriott lifetime Gold requirements after the program merger which was in August 2018 will be mapped to Lifetime Platinum in the new program sometime around January 2019.


I have requested consent to publish the email response with names redacted.  If acceptable I will update this discussion with the exact language.




I reached out to Marriott Customer care for my Lifetime Points and Status Update, and asked if my rewards Lifetime Gold elite status would map to loyalty Lifetime Platinum elite status in 2019. 


Customer care recently responded with:

you will be Lifetime Gold according to your lifetime nights with Marriott 510 and your Lifetime points with Marriott 1,601,020.


Marriott legacy Lifetime Gold requirements are 500 nights and 1.6 million points.


That customer care response said nothing about rewards LTG mapping to loyalty Lifetime Platinum in 2019.  My nights and points referenced above are Marriott only, not from combining accounts as I have not done so. 



I reached out to the insiders communitymanagers for clarification on whether rewards Lifetime Gold elite would map to loyalty Lifetime Platinum elite.  I was fairly certain they would say yes, as the benefits Lifetime Gold received 2017 and prior is comparable to benefits that will be available to Lifetime Platinum 2019 and onward.


My exact question to the insiders communitymanagers community managers was: 


I am finding it a tad confusing. Per your response, my account meets the legacy (pre- Aug18 requirement) for Gold Lifetime status.

My understanding is that legacy Marriott Gold Lifetime will map to Platinum Lifetime status in the new program.

If I do not meet the requirements for Platinum Premier Elite in 2018, will my account status reflect Platinum Lifetime elite status in 2019?


The response I received from the communitymanagers community managers is:


We received your note and reached out to our team on your behalf. They have let us know that you would need to meet the requirements for the Lifetime Platinum status either with the old requirements by December 31, 2018, or with the new requirements going forward.


The Lifetime Platinum Premier status will be grandfathered to those members that meet the requirements of the Lifetime Platinum Elite status by December 31, 2018.



So it seems that reaching the rewards Lifetime Gold Elite threshold earned with 500+ Marriott ONLY nights and points between 8/19/18 and 12/21/18 will NOT map to Lifetime Platinum Elite.


If you're racing to earn Lifetime Gold elite under the legacy rules with Marriott only nights & points, it might be time to give up.



The following chart is still up on the Marriott website, which allows LTPP to be earned if you get to legacy Platinum elite by 12/31/18, or 750 nights & 10 years by 12/31/18.  However it says nothing about LTP earned if you get to LTG with legacy requirements by 12/31/18:


Rewards Lifetime Elite Tier
(Prior to August 18, 2018)
Lifetime Elite Status Today
Lifetime Silver Elite
Lifetime Silver Elite
Lifetime Gold Elite
Lifetime Platinum Elite
Lifetime Platinum Elite
Achieve 750 nights & 10 years
Platinum Elite by 12/31/18
Grandfathered into Lifetime Platinum Premier Elite