SNA came through

Discussion created by 7 on Oct 15, 2018
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As I mentioned previously, I tried to use SNA's to get an Ocean View suite here at the Westin Langkawi Resort & Spa.


I got confirmation that it was successful a week or so ago. Today when I checked in we were blown away.


There was a nice welcome gift:


The bedroom seems gigantic:

The bathroom is equally huge:

We have a huge balcony:

The reverse angle shows that it is even bigger and has a huge lounger:

And, the view from it is quite nice:

There is also a second, balcony off the other side of the room with just enough room for a table and two chairs.


We were warned to keep the doors shut when we are not in the room as there a few monkeys that like to come inside and look for stuff to steal.


There are two more rooms and a walk-in closet that I didn't get a picture of.


All in all, I think this was quite a successful use of my SNA's.