A Never-Give-Up Willingness to Try!

Discussion created by pixiegirl on Oct 14, 2018
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It happens. Sometimes we, as customers, make an honest mistake or screw up on our end. Even though it is not "their fault," it is refreshing and appreciated when Marriott staff want to help us remedy the situation. That is exactly what Jason Hotaisling, the hotel manager from the Albany Renaissance hotel, did for me!


I had reserved the Albany Renaissance in advance for two nights so I could attend a popular sold-out concert next door at the Time-Union Center. As the date approached, I only needed one night of stay, not two. When modifying my reservation , I accidentally deleted the entire reservation. OH NO! The hotel was now sold out, so I couldn't rebook and was left without a room.


Jason and his team were there every step of the way. They listened to my story with empathy, took my name and number, touched base with me every few days with status updates ... and this morning ... A MIRACLE! Jason was able to get me into a room for the one night I needed. He was so friendly and kind, patient and understanding. Yes, this is the Marriott golden rule, but like a rainbow, it's extra special when you have a personal experience with it in your real life.

Three cheers of appreciation and gratitude to Jason! He embodies the Spirit to Serve to the fullest!


Thank you, Jason!