Customer Service Deteriorating All Around

Discussion created by scleaver on Oct 13, 2018
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Due to weather IRROP, I had to modify my reservation, and would be arriving 1 day later, but would remain staying for 2 nights as originally planned with the date moved to the following day. Called the property, and promised a call back as they need to check with manager. Staff called back and said, they will pre-check in my room into the property so that I will not be charged a NO SHOW. Explained that I will not be even in the country, as I am stranded. Th staff response was, " Yea the room will be empty til you arrive". I explained that I will still be staying for 2 nights, and the hotel had nothing to lose. Short answer was NO.


I decided to call the Platinum number at the back of the card, my previous experience with the plat number has been good, until I spoke to Debra. No recognition whatsoever, she mute my call multiple times. She asked for my rewards no, and the property name, city and country. I had to repeat my rewards no 3 times, and after a good 11mins, apparently, my reservation is not there, and according to her, it is IMPOSSIBLE to have reservation starts with 2, it is only starting with 7/8/9.  She then informed me,in my city, there there's only JW Marriott/ Renaissance/ Sheraton/ ******. And I told her, No, you have Element, Westin, W and other SPG properties. Her respond was, urgh I knew it, it was SPG.That was the last I heard from her, and I was put on hold again before I could ask anything. I called the platinum number specifically, and not the general call center, but the service was so poor that I could hear how Debra hates her job and all the human race in general. communitymanagers


Def not feeling like platinum at this point.@


Thankfully, The next agent was amazing, and helped me in less than 2mins, yeap, less than 2 MINS.


Is this only me, or the level of customer service of Marriott is actually poor now?


Don't get me started on the number of tickets from Marriott Customer Care that has been ignored since last month.