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Confused About New Marriott Premier Plus Credit Card

Question asked by koolshorte on Oct 13, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 15, 2018 by o0o0o0o0o0o...points!

I tried looking for specific answers to my questions on here but I’m not having any luck. I would really appreciate it if someone could explain them clearly. 


I know the new card doesn’t earn you 1 elite credit for spending $3k but it says you’re automatically silver and gold elite if you spend $35k. So in the beginning of the year (2019) with the new card, would I have 10 elite nights on my account that put me to silver automatically? Then if I spent $35k, how would I become gold elite? Would Marriott add 15 elite nights to my account that would total to 25 nights and be gold elite? Plus also in 2019, an additional 15 elite nights for being a cardholder would be added. So that would total to 35 nights without stays, just by having the new card? So then I would only stay 15 more nights to become platinum elite or stay 40 nights to earn platinum premier? Does anybody know if my assumptions are correct? I’m holding out on upgrading because I won’t get 1 elite night per $3k spend. I’m able to stay platinum premier because of this benefit.  Additionally, how about if I’m already lifetime silver? How would that work with the new card? Thank you in advance!