Is 10 years platinum now a *requirement* for LTPP under Marriott legacy rules?

Discussion created by pleasedonthangup on Oct 13, 2018
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Who can VERIFY that you don't need 10 years of Platinum to be grandfathered into LTPP by Dec 31, 2018?  


Meaning, even if you get 750 nights and 2 million points by Dec 31, 2018, you still need *10 years Platinum*.


I just spoke to a manager at Marriott.  I'm hoping that he didn't know the rules. It's very frustrating when the employees don't even the rules, and more so when it is a manager that doesn't know. Worse yet, a manager that doesn't know *simple* rules that typically an employee would know.  


However, I have currently have...


1.824 million points

777 lifetime nights

8 years platinum 


The reason I called was to get some "help" to get to 2 million points.  Maybe an adjustment in points. maybe increase the deadline, maybe some sort of special accelerator, I dunno.  I just wanted someone to look into it. 


This guy was saying I won't be able to get to LTPP because I won't get to 10 years platinum.  But I'm like "Hey man, that's not a legacy requirement, you are confusing new and old requirements.  2 million points + 750 nights is legacy requirement, which is in effect until Dec 31".  I tried to explain to him the rules.  He wouldn't listen.


Was he right though?  Is 10 years a requirement?