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Is there anyway to earn 15 Elite night credits in 2018 with CC?

Question asked by mohelmo on Oct 13, 2018
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Question please, is there anyway I can get 15 elite night credits this year if I apply for any of the marriott credit cards?


I am at 25 elite nights and I'll probably be staying 10 more nights this year and was hoping to retain the platinum elite(Need to get to 50). I don't mind applying for the credit card if it will help in 2018. I checked and it said coming in 2019.


I was a platinum elite last year and couldn't buy it back this year, was downgraded then adjusted to the new status. It has been really a frustrating experience with marriott rewards in general this last year with all the updates and tightening on how to maintain a status to be honest.

Thank you!