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New bride and groom dissed

Question asked by riley10 on Oct 12, 2018
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What's the best route to getting help to resolve an issue. A large number of guests for my daughter's wedding stayed at a Marriott, and we had a brunch there the next day. I had reserved a room for my daughter and her new husband for their wedding night - months before. I reserved a King and told the Event Specialist who the room was for - and asked if there was anything special the hotel could do for them. She assured me that they would. I also told multiple people at the front desk to make sure that things went smoothly.

Instead, they ended up in a double room - with absolutely nothing special or extra provided. When I found out the next daym I went to the front desk and I got an apology - and that was it. When I didn't just walk away, $100 was taken off the room rate - but then I discovered that they were still charging for the more expensive King room. I was able to get that changed.

I reached out to the event specialist who told me that they could arrange for my daughter to get points for a night's stay at a Marriott property - it was at least something. But guess what - nothing has happened - and now I discover the event specialist is away until the middle of next week - she left without any further contact, or at least the courtesy of letting me know she would be away.

Where do I go to get some satisfaction on this issue - I am really shocked that the reaction has been so callous.

thanks for any help.customer_advocacy