"29 ways to stay" instant win confusion

Discussion created by pauly222 on Oct 13, 2018
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As the hype was increasing for this contest a few were already playing the odds of the game.These odds were a calculation of how many points a normal person should have all things being equal...but after my first day win of 50 points I am assuming the instant wins are over for me.


1-terms and conditions state that ….

( Limit one (1) Instant Win Prize per person )        it doesn't state(per day) which would be a logical thing to add?


2-after winning my 50 points prize it states this...

(Come back and play tomorrow for another grand prize entry.)


This at the bottom of my instant win suggests that the only thing available playing the next day will be an entry in the grand prize.


Now my question is..


Has any one of you won an instant win prize more than once?


I know this is only day 3 right now but if we are let's say 200 or so on insiders with 1:2 odds for at least a 50 points win,somebody should have won twice.If nobody has won more than 1 instant win prize it's logical to assume that i'm correct and that playing just gives you an extra chance at the grand prize which is still worth it without the buzz of winning anything for the day.



Update October 17th....

The total maximum ARV of all prizes is $3,731,553.40USD. Limit one (1) Instant Win Prize per person, per day.So the per day has been added today...also this tidbit.


All prizes will be awarded provided a sufficient number of eligible entries/Game Plays are received throughout the Promotion Period. Any prize which is not won or is left unclaimed will be donated to charity or disposed of after January 14, 2019

My odds and my husband as of today is we each won 50 points on the first day and nothing in the last 6 days.