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How do I get ANY customer service at ANY level from Marriott?

Question asked by levylynda on Oct 11, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 12, 2018 by brightlybob

Please read the story below and do NOT tell me to send an email to customer care or tell me it will take "3 to 5 days" to look into my complaint!

I stayed in the Springhill Suites in Ashburn/Dulles North for a hockey tournament in early September. I am absolutely appalled by the lack of customer service I have had from the hotel and Marriott HQ. The evening of the stay, both my son and I had bites all over our bodies - bed bugs? I informed the hotel early the next morning (not complaining - just informing) - and they said they would check it out and call me back. No call all day. I called 3 times the next day (no call back) before I finally got through to the manager late afternoon who said professionals were coming the day after and she or her manager would let me know what they found. No call back. I called the hotel one more time and then gave up and started trying to contact Marriott HQ. Could not get through on the phone so sent an email to customer service to which I got a response that they would contact the hotel and I would hear back in 3 to 5 days. No response. A week later I sent another email and the responder this time said she would take personal responsibility to make sure my issue was resolved within 3 to 5 days - no response. Lastly, I finally got through on the phone to Marriott customer service who seemed equally appalled by my experience and said THEY would make sure I was finally taken care of and they would; call me back THAT DAY. Now THAT was a week ago and no response. At this point I don't know what to do other than post this story everywhere I can and see if Marriott finally responds. I don't even know if beg bugs were found but at this point it is frankly irrelevant. The non-existent customer service from Marriott both at the local and corporate level is really the issue at this point. I have been a Rewards member for YEARS and really do NOT want to hate Marriott but this has completely changed my mind! I have been happy because I have never had an issue – Marriott clearly does not want to deal with issues!