Another installment of Validate That Folio!

Discussion created by bayareawolf on Oct 10, 2018
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Ok, just finished stat at CY in Anaheim for 3 nights.  Great stay, great property, stay review will be posted soon!  I am looking to reconcile my folio once again...


I made the green choice, so 2 nights out of the 3 should get points.  I made points as my welcome gift choice and declined the $10 per day F&B credit at the Bistro because we get to the park before the Bistro is even open and there are many other dining options around.   That being said, as a Platinum Elite Member, what should my "extra" points be?   They credited me a total of 500  "extra" points.   Again, I think this is a little light.   I will call the property, as I did the last time this happened.   Just need to get my facts straight and understand the benefits/policy a bit better.  By my math, I should be getting 500 for each day I declined breakfast and then whatever the points are at CY for green choice for two nights out of the three.   Help!  Again, I wish they would itemize this a little better on the folio, kind of a pain.


What should my "extra" point totals be?