1,000 bonus points why am I aways fighting for it ?

Discussion created by wetravel2 on Oct 11, 2018
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My last stay did not credit me the 1,000 bonus points. This is  what was chosen VS rhe $10 F&B credit. So I called the hotel today and they transferred me. Well that was an initial fail.  The rep asked why I thought I was due the extra 1,000 bonus points.  I was so taken aback and rattled off.  Well it’s what you are supposed to give me for being a lifetime elite plat premier member of this is what I choose   She then said are you a member of our Marriott rewards program. I laughed, and said yes since 1989  Eventually she did credit the 1,000 points since it was a full service Marriott property.  Unfortunately I was not prepared to go through the other 6 stays that were not properly credited.  That’s for another call on another day.