Anyone else have this experience with the Worst Price Guarantee

Discussion created by pjv05 on Oct 10, 2018
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I've just had the worst customer experience with a loyalty program benefit. I tried get the best price guarantee and and after 2 months, multiple phone calls and HOURS on hold I got no where.


Has anyone had this issue? Do they actually price match anyone or is it all just non-sense?


Here is the situation

I booked 2-nights at a Westin property on Marriott.com a few days later Travelzoo had a sale. The room rate was half the price I paid plus no resort fee and free breakfast. It was an awesome deal.


So I went back to Marriott.com and submitted a claim form. 24 hours later they got back to me and said they couldn't match because the rate was no longer available. I went back to travelzoo and sure enough the sale was still live. So I booked the room on travelzoo assuming once I did that they would be able to see that they were wrong and make the match. 


I submitted another claim via online with the information on the TravelZoo rate. Again was denied. Called into them to discuss and they said they couldn't see the travelzoo confirmation in the system. Went back to marriott.com and figured both stays weren't linked to my account. Linked the Travelzoo into my account. Surely this would solve the problem. Nope. 


I called in again to see what was happening. I was put on hold for an hour and six minutes. Called back later that day and finally got a hold of someone and they told me a manager would call me back. That was last Friday. I waited another few days and called back again - this time to the rewards desk thinking they might help. 


Their only comment was since this is an SPG benefit I need to email them again and mark it as urgent. And it's possible they weren't matching because the travelzoo offer came with free breakfast and no resort fee. So they won't pricematch a better offer because it's better? That makes no sense. 



My biggest issue was I didn't want to get charged for both rooms and needed to cancel today. 


They said don't worry you'll get a call back ASAP. 2 hours later I finally gave up and cancelled my Marriot.com reservation.


In the end still got a good rate on Travelzoo. However this ticks me off because of the effort I had to put in. I just moved to Marriott from Hilton and never had a price match issue like this with them. I think booking on Travelzoo also means i'm not getting my room nights. If I miss gold by 2 nights i'm heading back to Hilton. So frustrated.


Anyone else have price match stories either good or bad?