Marriott Chase Card Upgrade

Discussion created by rosenbr on Oct 9, 2018

hello to all insiders all observers here, thank you very much Marriott Reward Credit Card holders who have upgraded their Marriott Chase card and did not receive their 15 night credit for 2018 due to their new policy to grant them all at one time in March of 2019 - Lets band together.


I have had numerous conversations with both Marriott and Chase.  The most reasonable coversation I had with a supervisor was that exceptions will not be made on a one off person; the exception would need to be for all who this affects so if you have had this problem by upgrading before your anniversary and not being granted your 15 nights please go to your chase account and post a daily complaint in their message center.  I will do this every day until the end of the year and hope all others will also send messages.  Thanks for the support as without these 15 nights I will miss out on my 750 total as I am at 735 and will have a few more trips this year.   We all deserve these nights. 



Dear Chase,

I am very disappointed that upon upgrading my Marriott Rewards credit card I did not receive my 15-night credit for 2018.  This leaves me a huge gap in the promotions rewards that I depend on by being a consumer of the Marriott Rewards credit card.  I am hopeful that Chase sees this as a gap for their faithful consumers and makes the proper adjustments by granting 15 nights to people who upgraded who already had the credit card for a series of years.  There does not seem to be a detriment to Chase to do this, but it is disservice to those who have been loyal to this credit card program. From my various discussions with your customer service representative and their supervisors, I do not seem to be the only customer in this situation.  As I have been informed Chase has determined there would not be individual exceptions.  I hope enough of us reaching out that someone in leadership will realizes this is an easy problem to fix and provide the 15 nights that were due to come to us in 2018.  My credit card number did not change, and I would not expect that I would miss on my nights for 2018.  I appreciate your ability to share this with your leadership so eventually a pro consumer leader will make the call to fix this gap.


Thank you for your help.

Best Regards,