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Interesting article regarding the merger -


...“Bringing that technology together was a very challenging undertaking,” said David Flueck, Marriott’s senior vice president for global loyalty. The task, which created a loyalty program with more than 110 million members, took nearly two years, he said, and entailed writing some 20 million new lines of computer code. “We ended up bringing over about four billion records from the Starwood technology systems,” Mr. Flueck said. He described the merger as 99.9 percent successful, though he acknowledged that it still left millions of customer records in limbo, some for weeks before they were resolved...


...“I don’t think that they anticipated having as many problems as they did,” said Flo Lugli, principal of Navesink Advisory Group, a travel technology consulting firm. “That’s clear from the way the call centers were just inundated.”...


...A Marriott spokesman said that voice-activated automated call routing on its elite line was intended to help get customers’ questions answered more quickly, and that callers still have the option of saying “agent” to reach a customer service representative. The company said its recently added enhancements had cut wait times on the elite line by nearly 75 percent since Aug. 24...


Here is the link to the article -


Marriott’s Merger of Hotel Rewards Programs Tests Members’ Loyalty - The New York Times