Steamed Canadian Bacon

Discussion created by techie on Oct 8, 2018
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I noticed "Canadian Style" bacon at breakfast in a RI this morning.  I was looking forward to it as most of the breakfast meats were not so enticing so far.  As I opened the cover, it was not cooked in a way that one would find pleasing.  I mentioned it to the staff member who was right there. He took it to the back, to "The Chef" as he referred to it.  He then came out with it exactly the same, and proclaimed that since it was the proper temperature, it was "cooked" steamed ham.  So yes, the health department would not cite them for it.  That wasn't my complaint.


I pointed out that absolutely no one had taken a single piece of this Canadian Style bacon, but this had no effect on him and was of no concern.


My room rate in part pays for this food, pays for the staff salaries to have it cooked and served, with the express intent of having it available for myself and other guests to eat it.  It is a waste to improperly cook something and a shame that the only concern is whether the health department would have an issue.

Although I understand that we have multiple cultures and staff from all over the world, it is important that someone, no matter where they are from, familiarize themselves with how whatever they are cooking is supposed to be prepared so that guests will enjoy it and it doesn't go to waste.   Brushing off my concern and my very valid note that no one was eating it is not appreciated.

Quite disappointing to say the least.