Don't like the updated WIFI connections

Discussion created by nipper on Oct 10, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 10, 2018 by 8675309

So a few months ago M set up long term device connections to WIFI. So if you are at a RI, you don't need to put your room #, etc in, not even having to click OK, you were just live. 


Well it seems now the cookie only lasts a few days which means you have to accept the T&C to continue. Normally this isn't a large inconvenience but I use 4 or 5 items with WIFI, including Amazon Echo, which are a pain in the a$$ to connect. 


I have no idea why they changed this behavior to a short cookie.  It was so nice before that I could just connect and run. Marriott has enough people with status that the paywall is of marginal value and the ability to allow your best customers  to avoid it is great.  But now we are back to just slightly better than the original operation.